2 Years ago Soft Trade Started work. Soft Trade is Leading eCommerce, website Design & software Development Company in Bangladesh. We offer eCommerce, Software & website Design and development, IT outsourcing service specially on website, eCommerce & Customize Software Development, IT consultancy and also provide Hosting support etc.


We want to establish Soft Trade as the best kind of online opportunity to grow your blogs/small business and also to hone up your skills. With our services and training schemes, we always create opportunities and enhance existing ones for our clients. As per our plan for the next 5 years is concerned, we would like to be the best platform for skill development and online asset scale-up in Bangladesh, our beloved country.


We see the world of the internet as a set of wide-open opportunities. These opportunities can be the scopes of growing a small business or training up yourself as a viable asset for the society. And no matter whichever way our client’s want to adopt, we give them a helping hand. In other words, we help individuals to grow their business/online assets, or to train them us as skillful manpower. And that’s what our core visions are.